Business Jet Rentals

Executive & Corporate Jet Charter Services

Nothing is more vital to the success of your business than being able to conduct that business anywhere in the world.

Using business jets and executive charter planes may help to reach a remote location or hop from one meeting to the next across state or country lines and be home for dinner with your family.

Los Angeles Private Jets has over a decade of experience locating and dispatching business jet rentals for organizations ranging in size from less than 5 employees to some of the top Fortune 500 companies. Our team works every hour of the day on call for your needs, and our brokers offer competitively priced and reliable private jet charters through our approved vendor network of over 15,000 business jets worldwide.

Corporate Flight Department Back-up

Running a corporate flight department is a tough job. Regulations, crew medicals, scheduling, dispatching, pop-up trips – most flights will simply be from point A to point B. Your flight may be round-trip or even a multi-leg international trip.

In most cases, your experienced and professional flight department will handle these requests, but what if there is a need for a larger aircraft? What if there is a mechanical situation while your executives are in a remote location and have only just a few hours before the next scheduled client meeting or board meeting? If your corporate aircraft is just going in for routine, scheduled maintenance, who will you call to back you up during this time?

Some flight managers have long term relationships with local operators and have called upon them in the past; some have not had any need for supplemental lift in the past. Please allow us the opportunity to fill your need by having us search through our approved vendor network. Finding the right corporate aircraft for supplemental lift can be quite a job in itself. Going through procurement, finance, legal, etc – don’t make it more difficult for yourself; let us handle the rest for you.

Our team will make sure that your private aircraft charter price is competitive; we will make sure the aircraft and crew are qualified and follow the highest safety procedures – above industry standards. Last but not least, we will give you the opportunity to impress your superiors and allow them to say, “Great job, you were ready for anything”.

Executive Retreats

There are many reasons why corporations and executives use Corporate Jet Charter Services. Hiring a corporate jet is flexible enough for business meetings, negotiations, conventions, visiting manufacturing facilities, relocating technicians along with corporate retreats and other types of business engagements.

While corporate executive retreats and team-building trips may be held in your companies backyard, they can also be in other states or across the globe in hard to reach locations. Arranging these types of get-together can be quite difficult if your employees are based in different cities, states, and countries where commercial airlines may be hours away from their home-base. If you need to transport one employee to hundreds of employees with the goal of having them reach their destination together, at the same time, corporate jet charter service may be the best option for you.

Whether your preference is a log cabin and zip-lining through the trees, a snow mountain hiking experience, or a getaway Caribbean islands cruise, Los Angeles Private Jets can arrange corporate charter flights to and from anywhere in the world on comfortable business aircraft.

Family Office Aviation

A very important part of the family office is travel arrangements. Within Family Office travel there may be a private aviation division, a travel/trip counselor or just a principal employee or family member who helps with these needs when required. These duties should not be taken lightly as family members’ lives are at stake every time they travel. Sometimes the Family Office even has its own family aircraft depending on how much travel they do.

Los Angeles Private Jets works with Family Office members to assist with private jet charter needs along with assisting when a family-owned aircraft has scheduled maintenance or a mechanical problem.

Managing a typical family office can be quite stressful between property management, trust/wealth management, legal matters, and succession planning. As a member of a family office, you can trust that our top priority is your family’s safety, privacy, and comfort. We take risk management very seriously and will not sacrifice this for any reason.

Whether or not your family office uses private jet charter on a regular basis, at a bare minimum, it is your responsibility to have an emergency response plan in existence for accidents, medical transportation, and emergency meetings/relocation’s in case of a disaster.